Spanish Language Story Game: 5

Spanish Language Story: Part 5 of David's trip to Spain (El viaje de David 5 - En Sevilla).
Level: Low Intermediate (B1).
Playing Time: 6 1/2 minutes (The Story and Word Shoot Game)

David arrives by train in Seville. He takes a bus to Louis Morales Street and checks into the Hotel Meliá Lebreros, where he had made a reservation. In the few days that he's there, David visits the Giralda (the exquisite Bell Tower of the Cathedral of Seville), and the Torre del Oro (a watchtower on the left bank of the Guadalquivir river). With his new friends, he also spends an evening in the Barrio de Triana, a lively neighborhood with small streets and a history of attracting artisans and flamenco.

Hear and read Part 5 of David's trip in Spanish. It contains 140 basic words and phrases.
Try to listen without translating the words, as you play through the story.
To hear a sentence again, click on it (before continuing to the next screen).
 "Shadow" each sentence by saying it along with (or just after) the native speaker.
That's an effective way to practice the sounds and rhythm of conversational Spanish.
Note: in context, words for "he, she, we" etc are often omitted in Spanish unless they are needed for clarity.

Shootout Game: 10 Key Verbs

• tomar - to take
• ayudar - to help
• costar - to cost
• tener - to have
• necesitar - to need
• conectar - to connect
• subir - to go up
• intentar - to try, attempt
• cenar - to have dinner
• ver - to see

You can roll over the translation on a desk- or laptop, but not on a phone or tablet.
Register or log in and go to Spanish 1, David en España, if you want to play the full 6-part story for free. You'll learn and practice 750 basic words and phases in the context of the story.

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