German Language Game: Geben - Present Tense

Quick German Language Game: geben (to give) - present tense.
Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time:
4 minutes

Learn and practice the present forms of "geben" with this fun interactive online game.
Present Tense: stem vowel changes: du, er/sie/es = "i"; all others = "e" (including the formal "Sie")
"Geben" + indirect object (give "to whom"): Ich gebe dir ... (I give [to] you ...).
"Geben" + direct object (give "what"): Ich gebe das Geld. (I give the money.)

Present Tense of "geben"

ich gebe - I give
du gibst - you give
er/sie/es gibt - he/she/it gives
wir geben - we give
ihr gebt - you-all give
sie/Sie geben - they/you(form.) give

Idiomatic expressions

es gibt - there is
Was gibt's? - What's up?

Indirect Pronoun Objects - give "to whom":

mir - (to) me
dir - (to) you [familiar]
ihm - (to) him/it
ihr - (to) her
uns - (to) us
euch - (to) you-all
ihnen/Ihnen - (to) them/you (formal)

Direct Objects - give "what":

Ich gebe dir den Kaffee. - I give you the coffee. [der Kaffee, masculine]
Ich gebe dir die Adresse. - I give you the address. [die Adresse, feminine]
Ich gebe dir das Geld. - I give you the money. [das Geld, neuter]

Short Sentences: "Geben" + Ind. and Dir. Object

Wir geben ihr die Adresse. - We give her the address.
They give us the money. - Sie geben uns das Geld.
Ich gebe dir den Kaffee. - I'll give you the coffee.
Kannst du mir das Geld geben. - Can you give me the money?
Sie gibt ihnen den Kaffee. - She gives them the coffee.
Es gibt kein Geld. - There's no money.

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