Spanish Language Game: Claro que no

Spanish Language Game: Claro que no (Of course not ) 
In this quick online game, learn and practice 10 Spanish phrases with a 34-word mini-story.
1. Identify key phrases.
2. Hear the mini-story.
3. Build the sentences with Word Invaders.
4. Test yourself with Flashcards.
5. Listen to the story again without translating.

Always say the Spanish OUT LOUD. Click on the sentences to hear them again.

The context: David is at his friend Daniel's apartment in Granada.
He meets Daniel's girlfriend Rosa and introduces himself to her sister Ana.
Will he use the formal form of address, or say "tú" to her?

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • ¡Hola! - Hello! 
  • Encantado de conocerle. - Pleased to meet you. (formal)
  • David, no seas tan formal. - David, don't be so formal. [ser]
  • tutear - to say "tú", use the informal form of address
  • ¡Que os podéis tutear! - You can say "tú" to each other.
  • ¿No te importa Ana? - You don't mind, Ana?
  • Todos los estudiantes - all the students
  • nos tuteamos - we say "tú" to each other
  • ¿Estudias aquí? - Do you go to university here?
  • en Granada - in Granada
  • No, estudio en Sevilla. - No, I go to university in Seville.

This short episode is also part of our Spanish 1 course, which is a series of brief stories (that we call scenes).
In the 36 scenes of the course you learn and practice 750 useful words.
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Practicing with mini-stories is a great way to get more familiar with natural-speed Spanish pronunciation and idiomatic expressions.
Note that in Spanish, personal pronouns (I, he, she, we, etc.) are often dropped unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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