German Language Game: Ja gerne

Quick German Language Game: "Ja gerne!" - (Yes, I'd like to!)
A quick online German game to learn and practice 20 words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Michael arrives at his friend Karl's place in Heidelberg. 
Karl's girlfriend Renate opens the door. 
Her sister Claudia is also there, and introductions follow. 
What is the right form of address to use here, "Sie" or "du"? 

If you're visiting a German-speaking country, it's important to understand when to use "Sie" or "du".
Sometimes a mistake is cute, as when an American student addressed my six-year-old son with "Sie". 
Still, kids aside, it's always safe to address someone you don't know with "Sie" (shop keepers, people on the telephone, new people you're introduced to, etc.)
If anyone wants to switch to "du", they'll let you know. And anyway, that's a fun little social ritual.

Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, right after or along with the speaker. 
That's a great way to sharpen your pronunciation and to internalize idiomatic expressions.
For example, standard expressions such as:
Freut mich, Sie kennenzulernen. [Pleased to meet you. (formal)]
Wenn es dir recht ist. [If it's all right with you. (familiar)]
Wir duzen uns. [We say "du" to each other.]
Wir können uns treffen. [We can meet.]

NOTE that "studieren" means "to study at a university or college".
Studierst du? [Do you go to university? (fam.)]
Gehst du in die Schule? [Do you go to school? = grade, middle or high school].

Words in German Language Game

  • Freut mich... - I'm pleased...
  • ...Sie kennenzulernen - meet you (formal) [kennenlernen]
  • Sei nicht so formell. - Don't be so formal. (familiar) [sein]
  • duzen - to use "du", the familar form of address
  • euch - to each other [referring to "you"]
  • ihr könnt euch duzen - you can say "du" to each other (fam.)
  • wenn - if [conjunction]
  • Wenn es dir recht ist. - If it's all right with you. (fam.) 
  • natürlich - of course
  • wir Studenten - we students
  • uns - to each other [referring to "we"]
  • wir duzen uns alle - we all say "du" to each other
  • studieren - to go to university or college
  • studierst du? - do you go to university? (fam.)
  • hier in Heidelberg - here in Heidelberg
  • ich studiere in München - I go to university in Munich
  • vielleicht - perhaps
  • sich treffen - to meet each other
  • vielleicht können wir uns treffen - perhaps we can meet each other
  • Ja gerne! - Yes, I'd like to!

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