German Language Game: Ist hier noch frei?

Quick German Language Game: "Ist hier noch frei?" - (Is this spot/seat/chair free?)
With this quick online German game, you can learn and practice 17 words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
On the train from Frankfurt to Heidelberg, Michael finds a seat at the window.
As he reads his travel guide, he hears a familiar inquiry as someone is looking for a seat: "Ist dieser Platz noch frei?" (Is this seat still free?)
This is a very useful phrase to have when traveling in Germany. Especially because it is customary to share tables at a casual restaurant, beer hall, café outside, etc. 
Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, right after or along with the speaker. It's an excellent way to improve your pronunciation and internalize grammar without thinking about it.
For example: Typical German contractions.
- "zum" = zu + dem [er geht zum Gleis - he goes to the track]
- "im" = in + dem [im Zug - in the train]
- "am" = an + dem [am Fenster - at the window]

Words in German Language Game

  • er geht - he goes [gehen]
  • zum Gleis zwölf - to track 12
  • er fragt - he asks [fragen]
  • er muss nicht lange warten - he doesn't have to wait long
  • bis der Zug kommt - until the train comes
  • im Zug findet er - in the train he finds [finden]
  • sofort - right away
  • einen Platz am Fenster - [finds] a seat at the window
  • gerade als - just as
  • er beginnt - he begins [beginnen]
  • der Reiseführer - the travel guide
  • lesen - to read
  • er hört - he hears [hören]
  • Ist dieser Platz noch frei? - Is this seat still free?
  • eine junge Frau - a young woman
  • sie setzt sich - she sits down [sich setzten]
  • ihm gegenüber - across from him

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