German Language Game: Ich suche...

Quick German Language Game: "Ich suche..." - (I'm looking for...)
A quick online German game to learn and practice 16 words and phrases in the context of a brief story.
Michael has arrived by train in Heidelberg.
Now he's looking for the street where his friend lives.
He asks a passerby, who gives him directions.

Asking for and understanding basic directions in German should really be part of your essential toolkit for traveling in a German-speaking country. 
Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, right after or along with the speaker.
It's an excellent way to improve your pronunciation and internalize grammar without thinking about it.
For example: folgen + dative case.
- die Straße = the street
- Sie folgen der Straße = you follow the street
No need to "learn" this structure ("die" becomes "der" with some verbs). Just be aware of it.
After it comes up a few times, it will seem quite familiar.

Words in German Language Game

  • Entschuldigung - Excuse me
  • ich suche - I'm looking for [suchen]
  • die Straße - the street
  • sie ist nicht weit - it's not far [ref. die Straße]
  • gut - good
  • laufen - to walk
  • dann bin ich richtig gelaufen - then I took the right route 
  • Sie folgen der Endemannstraße - you follow Endemann Street
  • nach links - to the left
  • ich sehe - I see [sehen]
  • dann geradeaus - then straight ahead
  • nach rechts - to the right
  • auf die Schillerstraße - onto Schiller Street
  • das ist einfach - that's easy
  • vielen Dank - many thanks
  • gern geschehen - you're welcome

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Posted 11:56AM on May 08 2019 by Ulrike Rettig
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