French Language Game: Au téléphone

Quick French language Game: Au téléphone - On the phone
A quick online game to learn and practice 11 useful French phrases in context.
In the brief story, Daniel calls the number of a friend in Aix-en-Provence, but a woman answers.
Always say the French OUT LOUD!  By imitating the native speaker, you'll gradually improve your pronunciation! Our games target mid to high Beginners who want to learn and review conversational French. 

Phrases in French Language Game

  • pourrais-je - could I [pouvoir]
  • parler - to speak
  • à Pierre - to Peter
  • je suis désolée - I'm sorry (f)
  • il n'est pas là - he isn't here
  • puis elle demande - then she asks [demander]
  • c'est de la part de qui? - who's calling? [expression]
  • je suis un ami - I'm a friend(m)
  • la petite amie - the girlfriend
  • quand sera-t-il de retour? - when will he be back?
  • dans un quart d'heure - in a quarter of an hour

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More Than a French Language Game

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