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Italian Language Game: La sua cugina

Italian Language Game: La sua cugina - His cousin
Learn and practice 16 Italian words and phrases in the context of a brief story.
This mini-story is also part of our Italian 1 course.
(You can play the complete course for FREE by registering HERE.)
Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD with or right after the native speaker.
That's a good way to practice and improve your pronunciation and listening skills.
Try not to translate!
Note that in Italian, the words for "I, you, he, she" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.
After you've practiced and recalled the individual words, you'll hear the mini-story again.
This time "shadow" the sentences, saying them along with the speaker in natural speed.

Words in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • rimane - s/he stays [rimanere]
  • ancora - still
  • per alcuni giorni - for a few days
  • gironzola - s/he strolls [gironzolare]
  • per la città - through the city
  • con la sua giovane cugina - with his young cousin
  • conosce - s/he meets [conoscere]
  • gli amici - the friends
  • visita - s/he visits [visitare]
  • diversi musei - several museums
  • impara molto - s/he learns a lot [imparare]
  • sulla storia - about the history
  • della città - of the city
  • soprattutto - especially
  • lo interessa - it interests him [interessare]
  • il museo delle navi antiche - the museum of old ships

Review the words before playing the game.
And after the game write out as many as you can by hand.
That will help you to memorize the words you want to remember.
Most importantly, always say the Italian OUT LOUD, as often as you can.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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