German Language Game: Einen Kaffee bitte

Quick German Language Game: Einen Kaffee bitte.  - A coffee please.
Play this short online German game, and practice 12 words and phrases in the context of a quick mini-story.
Michael is in Frankfurt and together with his cousin Julia he goes to a café.
Learn and practice German in small chunks. With this game, you'll understand why you say "einen Kaffee" when you ask for a coffee (and not "ein Kaffee").
This mini-story is also part of our German 1 course. 
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Words in Mini-Story Language Game

  • sie machen - they make [machen]
  • ihre Einkäufe - their purchases
  • sie sitzen - they sit [sitzen]
  • in einem Café - [sit] in a café
  • ich lade dich ein - I invite you (familiar) [einladen
  • du möchtest - you'd like (familiar) [mögen]
  • Was möchtest du? - What would you like? (familiar)
  • Einen Kaffee. - [I'd like] a coffee.
  • ich nehme - I'll take [nehmen]
  • einen Espresso - [I'll take] and espresso
  • Entschuldigung! - Excuse me!
  • Ja bitte? - What can I get you?/ Yes, please?

With this mini-story you learn and practice German in small chunks. 
It also helps you to see how the language is put together. (agreement, conjugations, separable prefix)
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More Than a German Language Game

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