French Language Game: Cette place est encore libre?

Quick French language Game: Cette place est encore libre? - Is this seat still available?
With this quick online game you can learn and practice 16 French words and phrases in the context of a brief story.
Daniel takes the train from Paris to Aix-en-Provence. On the train he hears someone ask if the seat across is still available. A perfect chance to practice his French!
Start mastering French by learning to recognize and say small language chunks. If you learn them in context, you'll start understanding how the language works.

Always say the French OUT LOUD!
It will gradually improve your pronunciation and put words and phrases you keep seeing into your long-term memory.
Our games target mid to high Beginners who want to learn and review conversational French. 

Words and phrases in French Language Game

  • il va - he goes [aller]
  • à la voie douze - to track 12
  • il n'attend pas - he doesn't wait
  • longtemps - a long time
  • avant que le train arrive - before the train arrives
  • il trouve - he finds [trouver]
  • une place - a seat
  • près de la fenêtre - by the window
  • juste au moment où - just as
  • il commence à lire - he begins to read
  • son guide - his travel guide
  • il entend - he hears [entendre]
  • cette place est encore libre? - is this seat still available?
  • une jeune femme - a young woman
  • elle s'assoit - she sits down
  • à côté de lui - beside him

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More Than a French Language Game

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