Spanish Language Game: IR - Present Tense

Quick Spanish Language Game
: ir (to go) - present tense
Level: Beginner (A1)
Time to Play:
4 minutes

Play this interactive online game to learn and practice the present tense of this often used irregular Spanish verb for "to go".
Learn the individual present tense verb forms and then put them into the context of short and easy sentences. You'll also practice how to use "al" and "a la" - both meaning "to the".
Before you tackle the other tenses you want to be sure have the present tense well memorized!
Note: pronouns (yo, tú, él, etc.) are often dropped in Spanish, except when they are needed for clarity or emphasis.
In this game, however, we include them.

Present Tense of the Irregular Verb "ir"

• yo voy - I go
• tú vas - you go (familiar)
• él, ella va - he, she goes
• usted va - you go (formal)
• nosotros/as vamos - we go
• vosotros/as vais - you (pl) go [Spain]
• ellos/as van - they go
• ustedes van - you (pl) go [Latin America]

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