Italian Language Story: Il viaggio di Marco 3

Italian Language Story: In Part 3 of Marco's trip to Italy (Il viaggio di Marco 3 - Il viaggio in treno), he goes to the train station, buys a ticket and takes the train to Florence, where he has a friend called Alessandro.
Once in Florence, he calls his friend's place. Alessandro's girlfriend Giulia picks up and explains to him how to get to their apartment. On the way, a bystander helps him find Via Montebello.

Listen to Part 3 of Marco's journey in Italian. It contains 135 basic words and phrases, all in context.
Play the story a couple of times. To practice your pronunciation, repeat each sentence aloud after the speaker. By playing the story over again, you'll learn to listen without translating.

8 Key Verbs in Travel Story: Il viaggio di Marco 3

• dire - to say
• prendere - to take
• partire - leave
• cambiare - to change
• trovare - to find
• leggere - to read
• arrivare - to arrive
• rispondere - to answer

You can see the English translation on a desk- or laptop (but not on a phone or tablet).
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