French Language Game: Au Café

Quick French Language Game
 "Au Café" - At the Café. 
Listen to a quick mini-story, and then learn and practice 10 easy French words and phrases in a meaningful context.
Our games and courses are a great way for mid to high Beginners to learn basic vocabulary and become familiar with typical French language patterns.
The context: After finishing their shopping, Daniel and his cousin Julie sit down at an outdoor café. 

Words in Mini-story Language Game

  • je t'invite - I'm inviting you/ my treat [inviter]
  • Qu'est-ce que tu prends ? - What are you having?
  • j'aimerais - I'd like
  • une tarte aux fraises - a strawberry tart
  • ça a l'air bon - that sounds good
  • monsieur - sir (calling the waiter)
  • Qu'est-ce que je vous sers? - What can I get you?
  • Et à boire ? - And to drink?
  • un jus d'orange - an orange juice
  • un express - an espresso

Our full French 1 course is made up of a series of mini-stories.
You learn and practice 750 basic words in context.
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Say the answer out loud either before or with the speaker.
Do this specially for the full sentences.
It'll help you improve your French pronunciation and intonation.

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