Italian Language Game: Vorrei scrivere

Italian Language Game: "Vorrei scrivere" - I'd like to write.
With this quick game you'll practice and learn 19 Italian words and phrases as part of a mini-story.
In this brief story, Marco asks his uncle for family photos because he wants to write the story of the family.
The mini-story is part of our full Italian 1 course. The course is made up of a series of short stories that contain everyday useful words.
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Always say the words and phrases ALOUD after (or along with) the native speaker. You'll improve your pronunciation and sharpen your listening skills. 

Words in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • il pranzo - the lunch
  • chiede - s/he asks [chiedere (a)]
  • lo zio - the uncle
  • hai - you have (familiar) [avere]
  • le fotografie - the photos (f)
  • delle fotografie - some photos (f)
  • i nonni - the grandparents
  • dei tuoi nonni - of your grandparents (familiar)
  • perché - why
  • vorrei - I'd like [volere]
  • scrivere - to write
  • la storia - the story
  • la famiglia - the family
  • della nostra famiglia - of our family
  • una buena idea - a good idea
  • ecco - here is ...
  • il album - the album
  • il nostro album - our album
  • vecchio/vecchie - old (sing m/pl f)

Learning words as part of sentences helps you understand how Italian is put together.
Don't worry about the grammar behind the typical Italian combinations.
These are language patterns that you'll become familiar with the more you listen and read.
Our games are for learners at the mid- to high beginner level.
It's at this stage, you want to start practicing full sentences as well as individual words and phrases.
Click on each sentence individually as many times as you want, to practice repeating after the speaker.
Note that in Italian, the words for "I, you, he, she" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis. In our mini-story, the context will tell you if "chiede" means "he asks" or "she asks."
After you've practiced and recalled the individual words, you'll hear the mini-story again.
Listen and say the sentences along with the speaker.
Try not to translate.
If you write out some of the words and phrases, you'll remember them better.
But don't worry if you keep forgetting them.
Learning a language means constantly forgetting and relearning, but each time words and phrases go deeper into your memory.

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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