Spanish Language Game: A las dos en punto

Spanish Language Game "A las dos en punto" (At two on the dot). 
Play this interactive game to learn and practice 18 Spanish words and phrases as part of a mini-story. 
For 4 of the verbs, you'll learn both the infinitive and the 3rd person form.
The context: At the house of his aunt and uncle in Barcelona, David takes a quick nap before lunch. His cousin María calls to wake him up.
This mini-story is also part of our Spanish 1 course. (You can play the full Spanish 1 course for FREE by registering HERE.)
Repeat or anticipate the words, phrases and sentences OUT LOUD. This helps to improve your pronunciation and listening skills.
You'll also remember the Spanish words better. As you play, click on the Spanish sentences to hear them again.

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • beber - to drink
  • él bebe - he drinks
  • él zumo de naranja - the orange juice (zumo = used in Spain)
  • en la cocina - in the kitchen
  • la prima - the cousin (f)
  • enseñar - to show
  • ella le enseña - she shows (to) him
  • la habitación - it's nice of you (familiar)
  • él está cansado - he's tired
  • dormir - to sleep
  • él duerme - he sleeps
  • despertar - to wake (sb) up
  • ella le* despierta - she wakes him up
  • a las dos en punto - at two on the dot
  • llamar - to call
  • ella le* llama - she calls him
  • ¡despierta! - wake up! (imperative, familiar)
  • es la hora del almuerzo - it's lunch time 

Note that on two occasions (*), the female speaker uses the indirect pronoun object "le", instead of the direct masculine pronoun "lo".
This use of "le" (called "léismo") is a "dialectal variation in the Spanish language that occurs largely in Spain.
It involves using the indirect object pronoun 'le' in place of the (standard) masculine direct object pronoun 'lo', especially when the direct object refers to a male person." (Wikepedia)
Don't worry about this form, just be aware of it. You'll hear it when you travel to Spain .
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More than a Spanish Language Game

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