Spanish Language Story Game: 1

Spanish Language Story: Part 1 of David's trip to Spain (El viaje de David 1 - En el avión)
Level: Elementary (A2).
Playing Time: 4 minutes. (The Story and Word Shoot Game)

David flies from Boston to Barcelona. On the plane, he chats in Spanish with the woman sitting next to him. At the Barcelona airport he gets picked up by his aunt Carmen, who lives in Barcelona.

Hear and read Part 1 of David's trip in Spanish. It contains 120 basic words and phrases, all in context.
Play the story as often as you like. Try to understand as much as you can without translating.
To hear a sentence again, click on it (before continuing to the next screen).
To practice your pronunciation, repeat each sentence aloud, just after or right along with the speaker.
Note: in context, words for "he, she, we" etc are often omitted in Spanish unless they are needed for clarity.

Shootout Game: 10 Key Verbs

  • hablar - to speak
  • volar - to fly
  • dar - to give
  • practicar - to practice
  • aprender - to learn
  • visitar - to visit
  • estar - to be
  • quedarse - to stay
  • recoger - pick up, get
  • vivir - to live

The English translation is available on a desk- or laptop (but not on a phone or tablet).
To practice the words and phrases of the story, register or log in and go to Spanish 1, David en España.

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