German Language Game: Willkommen

German Language Game: "Willkommen" (Welcome).
Learn and practice 18 basic German words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
The setting is the home of Michael's aunt and uncle in Frankfurt.

This mini-story is also part of our German 1 course.
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Always when you play, pronounce the words, phrases, and sentences OUT LOUD.

Words in German Mini-Story Language Game

  • Willkommen - Welcome
  • bei uns zu Hause - at our house
  • ich bin froh - I'm glad
  • dass - that (conjunction)
  • hier - here
  • danke - thanks
  • nein danke - no thanks
  • vielleicht - maybe
  • du möchtest - you would like (familiar)
  • essen - to eat
  • etwas - something, a little
  • später - later
  • der Orangensaft - the orange juice
  • trinken - to drink
  • das wäre prima - that would be great
  • komm! - come! (familiar)
  • mit mir - with me
  • in die Küche - to the kitchen

The best way to memorize new vocabulary is to learn the words in chunks, in a context that you can remember.
Writing them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards is also good.
And, say the words and phrases out loud whenever you can.
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More Than a German Language Game

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