Spanish Language Game: ¿Cuánto tiempo?

With this Spanish Language Game "¿Cuánto tiempo?" (How long?) you learn and practice 12 Spanish words in the context of a mini-story.
The setting is Passport Control at the El Prat Airport in Barcelona, Spain.
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Always say or repeat the words and phrases OUT LOUD. Your pronunciation and listening skills will improve a lot!

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • you're here - está aquí
  • por negocios - on business
  • visito a - I'm visiting (persons)
  • los/las familiares - the relatives (common gender)
  • ¿cuánto tiempo? - how long?
  • quedarse - to stay
  • se queda - you're staying
  • me queda - I'm staying
  • casi - almost
  • las semanas - the weeks
  • que tenga - may you have (subjunctive)
  • una buena estancia - a good stay

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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Posted 11:56AM on June 14 2017 by Ulrike Rettig
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