Jobsite Spanish Game: Can you cut this?

Jobsite Spanish Game "Can you cut this?"
In this quick interactive online game, you'll learn and practice 10 basic words and phrases, and how they are used in a short jobsite conversation between builder and worker.
Note: at a jobsite, you would often use the familiar form of address. 
Seeing the words and phrases, hearing them spoken naturally, and saying them are three different things. 
So, to use Spanish on your job, you have to practice all three skills.

  • puedes - you can (familiar)
  • cortar - to cut
  • esto (n) - this
  • cuánto - how much
  • de largo - long, of length
  • que sea - make it (literally: that it be)
  • sesenta y dos y media - sixty-two and a half, 62 1/2
  • pulgadas (f) - inches 
  • por favor - please
  • bueno - OK, fine, good
Posted 12:21PM on June 18 2017 by Ulrike Rettig
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