German Language Game: Ich bin froh

German Language Game
: "Ich bin froh" - I'm glad (that ...)

Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 2 1/2 minutes

Play and learn 10 German everyday words and phrases. You'll learn vocabulary, German word order, and practice your pronunciation.

You'll figure out and practice how the conjunction "dass" changes the word order.

As you play, say the words, phrases, and sentences OUT LOUD.

Words in German Language Game

• ich bin froh - I'm glad
• du bist hier - you're here (familiar)
• dass du hier bist - that you're here (fam.)
• Ich bin froh, dass du hier bist.

• es ist nett - it's nice
• von dir - of you (von +dative)
• mich - me (direct object)
• abholen - to come for, pick up
• du holst mich ab - you're picking me up
• dass - that (conjunction)
• dass du mich abholst - that you're picking me up
• Es ist nett von dir, dass du mich abholst.

The best way to memorize new vocabulary is to learn the words in chunks, in a context that you can remember.
Writing them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards is also good.
And, say the words and phrases out loud whenever you can.
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More Than a German Language Game

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