Jobsite Spanish Game: Materials 1

Jobsite Spanish Game: "Materials 1".
The idea for this game came from our architect son, who was trying to communicate with Spanish-speakers at a construction site.
Clearly, these are only a few of the terms that architects, contractors and workers are using.
In this quick interactive online game you'll learn and practice 8 basic terms for materials used at a jobsite.

  • tierra (f) - soil, earth
  • madera (f) - wood
  • acero (m) - steel
  • concreto (m) - concrete
  • hierro (m) - iron
  • tablón (m) - plank, board
  • madera laminada (f) - plywood
  • acero de refuerzo (m) - rebar (reinforcing bar)

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If you'd like us to add any specific jobsite Spanish vocabulary or terms, just drop us a note to 

Posted 17:22PM on May 05 2017 by Ulrike Rettig
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