Spanish Language Game: Hello Goodbye

Spanish Language Game: Hello Goodbye.

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Learn and practice online - 10 words and expressions for greeting, thanking, saying goodbye, etc.
Always repeat the Spanish OUT LOUD.
To better learn and remember, go over this list visually, or even write out the Spanish by hand on a sheet of paper or on little flashcards.
But the most important thing is to SAY the words out loud, several times.

  • Hola - Hi
  • Buenos días - Good morning
  • Buenas tardes - Good afternoon
  • Por favor - Please
  • Gracias - Thanks
  • De nada - You're welcome
  • ¿Qué tal? - How are things?
  • Lo siento - I'm sorry
  • Momento - Just a moment
  • Adiós - Goodbye

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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