Spanish Language Game: Genial

Spanish Language Game "¡Genial!" (Great!).
 Learn and practice 12 easy Spanish words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
On his flight from Boston to Barcelona, David, a young traveler chats with the woman sitting beside him.
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Always say the words and phrases OUT LOUD after the speaker. You'll greatly improve your pronunciation and listening skills!

Words in Mini-Story Spanish Language Game

  • genial - great
  • usted habla español - you speak Spanish (formal)
  • mi inglés - my English
  • no es - is/it's not
  • muy bueno - very good
  • yo puedo - I can
  • practicar - to practice
  • muy bien - very well
  • es - you are (formal)
  • americano - American (m)
  • nací - I was born
  • en - in (+ city)

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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