Spanish Language Game: ¿Dónde?

Spanish Language Game "¿Dónde?" (Where?) 
Learn and practice 20 Spanish words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
On his flight from Boston to Barcelona, David explains to the woman sitting beside him how he learned Spanish.
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If you say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, your pronunciation and listening skills will really improve!
When you play, click on the Spanish to hear it again.

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • ¿Dónde? - Where?
  • ha aprendido español - you learned Spanish (formal)
  • primero - first (adverb)
  • en casa - at home
  • luego - then, later
  • en la escuela - in school
  • ellos hablan / hablan - they speak
  • sus - his, her, your, its, one's
  • sus padres - your, his, her parents 
  • mi padre - my father
  • español - Spanish (m) (nationality)
  • mi madre - my mother
  • mexicana - Mexican (f)
  • pero - but
  • usted vuela / vuela - you fly, you're flying (formal)
  • a España - to Spain
  • por primera vez - for the first time
  • yo visito / visito (a) - I visit, I'm visiting (+person)
  • mis amigos - my friends
  • los familiares - the relatives

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More than a Spanish Language Game

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