Italian Language Game: Splendido!

Italian Language Game: "Splendido!" - Great!  Learn and practice 12 Italian words and phrases in the context of a mini-story.
This mini-story is also part of our Italian 1 course. (You can play the full course for FREE by registering HERE.)
Always say the words and phrases OUT LOUD. Your pronunciation and your listening skills will improve a lot!

Words in Italian Mini-Story Language Game

  • Splendido! - Great!, Super!
  • il mio inglese - my English
  • non è - it's not, is not
  • molto buono - very good
  • io posso / posso - I can
  • esercitare - to practice
  • il mio italiano - my Italian
  • molto bene - very well
  • grazie - thanks, thank you
  • è - it is / you are (formal)
  • americano - American (m) [nationality]
  • io sono nato / sono nato - I was born (m)

Note: In Italian, the words for "I, you, he" etc. are often dropped, unless they are needed for clarity or emphasis.
To better remember words and phrases, review them visually, or even write them out on a sheet of paper or on small index cards. But most importantly, always say the Italian OUT LOUD, several times if you can.

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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