French Language Game: Dans l'avion

Quick French Language Game: "Dans l'avion" - In the airplane.

Level: Beginner (A0/1)
Playing Time: 2 1/2 minutes

Play this quick Memory Card, Word-Shoot, Flash Card game sequence, to learn and practice a short and useful 4-sentence conversation.
Each game you play adds to your knowledge of French. Have Fun!

Daniel is on a flight from Boston to Paris. The Flight Attendant comments on his French.

As you play, say the French phrases OUT LOUD after or with the native speaker. It will sharpen your pronunciation.


  • vous parlez - you speak (formal) [infinitive: parler]
  • très bien - very well
  • français - French (m, language)
  • merci - thank you
  • c'est - it's
  • mon premier voyage - my first trip
  • en France* - to France

Note: *en France - can mean both "to France" and "in France".

Quick Grammar Tip

Use "en" for "feminine" countries:

  • la France - France
  • en France - in France, to France
  • l'Espagne - Spain (f)
  • en Espagne - to Spain, in Spain
  • l'Allemagne - Germany (f)
  • en Allemagne - to Germany, in Germany
  • l'Italie - Italy (f)
  • en Italie - to Italy, in Italy

Use "au" for "masculine" countries:

  • le Mexique - Mexico
  • au Mexique - to Mexico, in Mexico
  • le Canada - Canada
  • au Canada - to Canada, in Canada

Use "aux" If the name of a country is plural:

For example, with "the USA" or "the Netherlands" use the plural form of "au", which is "aux".

  • les États-Unis - the United States
  • aux États-Unis - to the United States, in the United States
  • les Pays-Bas - the Netherlands
  • aux Pays-Bas - to the Netherlands, in the Netherlands

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More Than a French Language Game

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