French Language Game: Vocabulary Quiz #6

French Language Game: Vocabulary Quiz #6
With this fast-moving interactive online language game you can playfully test your knowledge of Basic French Vocabulary.
You'll learn new words and phrases as you play.
For this quiz we are using words, phrases, and sentences of GamesforLanguage's French 1 Story - "Daniel en France" Level 6.
If you need to brush up on your French a little, you can listen to the French 1 Level 6 Podcast.
You may also enjoy "le bêtesier" (the outtakes) of the French movie "Bienvenue chez les "Ch'tis", which we linked in this post,  Humor and Language Discoveries in Corsica - and find out what/who the "Ch'tis" are...
The Vocabulary lists of the six Scenes of Level 6 can be downloaded as PDFs on the Playing page of the French 1 Story.
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More Than a French Language Game

Don't forget: You can practice French online for FREE with our 36-Scene French 1 Travel-Story: "Daniel en France".
In it you learn and practice all the words, phrases and sentences you also hear in the podcasts.
Just login HERE.
"The Story" and easy games will let you forget that you are actually learning French!
And, if you have any language questions  - don't hesitate to contact us!

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