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French Language Game: Numbers 21 and beyond

Quick French Language Game: Numbers 21 and beyond
Learn and practice French Numbers 21 and beyond with a fun interactive online game that teaches numbers out of sequence.
It's the continuation of French Numbers 1-20. Some of the French numbers from 1-20 resemble those in English, but because of the pronunciation you really have to practice them.
And once you have memorized 1-20 well, 21-69 should not be too difficult.
Yes, you also need to know 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, but otherwise it works like the English system.
But then the fun begins: 70 is 60+10, 80 is 4x20, 90 is 4x20 + 10, and all the numbers in between make your head spin!
Play the game a few times until you get it!
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Posted 15:12PM on October 12 2015 by Peter Rettig
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