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German Language Game: Vocabulary Quiz #2

German Language Game:
Vocabulary Quiz #2: 8 Easy Verbs

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

Playfully test your knowledge of basic German vocabulary and practice your pronunciation.

This Quiz will test your on the present tense endings of 8 common German verbs.
Many German verbs have regular endings in the present tense. It helps to learn the pattern.

For native German speakers using the right verb ending is automatic, for German learners it takes a little practice.

Before you play, review the (regular) present tense verb endings below.

Note: German has no "progressive tense": ich mache = I make, I'm making

8 Common Verbs

  • finden - to find
  • trinken - to drink
  • kommen - to come
  • machen - to make
  • fragen - to ask
  • antworten - to answer
  • brauchen - to need
  • gehen - to go

Regular Present Tense Verb Endings

  • ich mach - e    (I make)
  • du  mach - st   (you make, familiar)
  • er  mach - t      (he makes)
  • wir mach - en   (we make)
  • ihr mach - t       (you-all make)
  • sie mach - en    (they make)
  • Sie mach - en    (you make, formal)

  • ich frag - e        (I ask)
  • du trink - st       (you drink, familiar)
  • er antwort - et   (he goes)
  • sie geh- t          (she goes)
  • wir brauch- en  (we need)
  • ihr find- et         (you-all find)
  • sie komm- en    (they come)
  • Sie mach- en     (you make, formal)

Note: "er antwort -et" and "ihr find-et" add an "e" to the ending, for pronunciation.

The 8 regular verbs in this Quick German Language Game Quiz come from the Second Level (Scenes 7-12) of GamesforLanguage's German 1 Story - "Michael in Deutschland."

If you're no longer a Beginner, you can listen to the German 1 Level 2 Podcast. (Elementary, A2)
Or check out Vocabulary Quiz #3 for Easy Sentences with Direct Object Nouns
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The Vocabulary lists of the six Scenes of Level 2 can  be downloaded as PDFs on the Playing page of the German Story.
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