French Language Game: 8 Basic Adverbs

Quick French Language Game: 8 Basic Adverbs.
You can easily add precision to your conversations by mastering 8 simple adverbs that are sometimes confusing in French: finally, often, always, first, then, already, soon, now.
You'll learn these with a short and fun sequence of interactive games that'll have you identify and pronounce them, as well as see and hear them in the context of easy sentences.
Doing a game once won't put the words into your longterm memory.
To help you learn these 8 adverbs, write them out on a piece of paper and go over them once or twice.
Play the game to practice your pronunciation and quick recognition.
Repeat the full sentences, several times, to get the melody of the words spoken rapidly.
The more you do this, the more you'll sound like a native speaker.

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More Than a French Language Game

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Posted 10:32AM on January 05 2016 by Ulrike Rettig
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