French Language Games: 8 Question Words

Quick French Language Game: 8 Question Words
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

Learn and practice essential French question words in this quick-moving, interactive online game.
Being able to understand and ask questions is an essential part of communicating well in a foreign language.

You'll learn and practice basic French question words and the question phrase "est-ce que" (literally "is it that?") - which can be used to turn a statement into a question.

French Question Words

• comment - how
• combien - how much
• où - where
• pourquoi - why
• quand - when
• qui - who
• que - what
• est-ce que? - question phrase [is it that?]

Finally, you'll see three ways to ask yes-no questions in French:

1) Using "est-ce que"
2) Dropping "est-ce que"
3) Using inversion

In this game, listen to the speaker, and then say the French out loud.
If you do this consistently, your listening skills and pronunciation will really start to improve.
Playing through just once won't put the words into your long-term memory.
It helps to write the question words out by hand and review them the next day.
Go back to the game a few days later and see how much you remember.

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