German Language Game: Practice Umlauts

German Language Game: Practice umlauts.

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 2 minutes

German has three umlauts: ä, ö, ü and the letter combination: äu.
The word "umlaut" means a shift in the quality of the vowel.
It is usually created by fronting and rounding the vowel.
("fronting" = creating in the front of the mouth; "rounding" = creating with rounded lips) 

With a little extra practice ALOUD you can definitely improve your mastery of these umlauts.
In this quick listening and pronunciation game, you'll practice the difference between: a and ä; o and ö; u and ü; au and äu.

There are no direct equivalents for German umlauted vowels in English, and German has long and short vowels.
The following are only approximations of the vowels:

  • ä  - similar to "get"
  • ö  - similar to "burn"
  • ü  - similar to "pew."
  • äu - similar to "Loyd"   

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Did you also know that the Amish Dutch don't use any Umlauts?

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