Italian Language Game: "My Pleasure" in Italian

With this Quick Italian Language Game: "Piacere mio" - My pleasure, you can practice a common Italian expression.
"Piacere mio" or just "Piacere" are expressions you'll often hear in Italian conversations, especially during introductions.
You can actually find the translation with the audio also in our Italian Dictionary.
Also, the word "piacere" (pleasure) is part of a host of common conversational phrases. Here are some more Italian phrases with "piacere".

  • con piacere - with pleasure, certainly
  • è un piacere ... - it's a pleasure ...
  • que piacere! - what a pleasure!
  • se ti fa piacere - if you like (familiar)
  • ho di piacere ... - it gives me great pleasure ... 
  • mi farebbe piacere ...-  I would like to ...
  • tanto piacere! -  ironical: so what?
  • il piacere è tutto mio - the pleasure is all mine

If you want to listen to the entire dialog "Ciao Marco" (Scene 2, Level 4) click HERE.
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More Than an Italian Language Game

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