German Language Game - I'm hungry!

Quick German Language Game: "Ich habe Hunger" - I am hungry.
Learn and practice 15 words and phrases with this fun interactive German language game.
While the direct translation of the English "I'm hungry" also exists in German as "Ich bin hungrig", the expression "Ich habe Hunger" is more common. Both mean the same.

Words in German Language Game

  • der Hunger - the hunger
  • ich habe Hunger - I'm hungry
  • du möchtest - you would like (familiar)
  • essen - to eat
  • Möchtest du etwas essen? - Would you like something to eat? (familiar)
  • Gerne. - Gladly., I'd like to.
  • die Zeit - the time
  • das Mittagessen - the lunch
  • Zeit zum Mittagessen - time for lunch
  • wann - when
  • jetzt - now
  • später - later
  • dann - then
  • Ich habe keinen Hunger. - I'm not hungry.

Add to your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation.
When you play, say the German words OUT LOUD!
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