German language Game: Wie komme ich?

German Quick Language Game: "Wie komme ich ...?" (How do I get [to a place]?)
You'll learn and practice combining this expression with masculine, feminine, and neuter nouns - by playing a short and fun online language learning game.

Vocabulary in German Language Game

  • der Bahnhof - the train station
  • der Marktplatz - the Market Square
  • das Schloss - the castle
  • das Hotel - the hotel
  • die S-Bahn - the rapid train
  • die Straße - the street
  • Wie komme ich ...? - How do I get (to) ...?
  • zum Bahnhof - to the train station
  • zum Marktplatz - to the Market Square
  • zum Schloss - to the castle
  • zum Hotel - to the hotel
  • zur S-Bahn - to the rapid train
  • zur Sophienstraße - to Sophien Street

Note that "zum" is a contraction of the more emphatic "zu dem".  (Both mean "to the", and go with either masculine or neuter nouns).
The word "zur" is a contraction of the more emphatic "zu der". (Both mean "to the",  and go with feminine nouns).
For example:

  • zum Bahnhof = a contraction of "zu dem Bahnhof" [der Bahnhof]
  • zum Schloss = a contraction of "zu dem Schloss" [das Schloss]
  • zur S-Bahn = a contraction of "zu der S-Bahn" [die S-Bahn]

This may seem complicated because the preposition "zu" takes the "dative case".
But don't even think about that.
Just practice the phrase so that it goes into your ear and brain. You'll then use the correct form automatically.
That's what young kids learning their language do. Believe me, they've never heard about the "dative case".
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