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German Language Game: "wieder-" vs "weiter-"

German Language Game: "wieder-" vs "weiter-"
Play a fun game to learn the difference between "wieder-" and "weiter-". 
These words can combine with certain verbs, as in "wiederkommen" (to come again, come back) and "weitergehen" (to continue to go, walk on), etc.
You'll learn and practice several verbs and build simple sentences (see below).

Words in German Language Game

  • wieder - again, back
  • weiter - further, continue to
  • kommen - to come
  • wiederkommen - to come again, come back
  • gehen - to go, walk
  • weitergehen - to continue walking, go on
  • fahren - to drive, ride
  • weiterfahren - to drive/ride, continue to drive/ride
  • sehen - to see
  • wiedersehen - to see again

  • Sie fährt weiter. - She rides on.
  • Wann kommst du wieder? - When are you coming again?
  • Du musst wiederkommen. - You have to come back.
  • Sie gehen weiter durch die Altstadt. - They continue walking through the old town.
  • Ich freue mich, dich wiederzusehen. - I'm happy to see you again.

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Posted 11:57AM on August 21 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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