German Language Game: Wissen - Present Tense

Ouick German Language Game
 - the verb "wissen" - to know (a fact).
Level: Beginner (A1)
Time to Play:
4 minutes

You'll learn and practice the present tense forms of the verb "wissen" (to know), which is irregular.
The singular forms "ich, du, er, sie, es" have a long vowel "-ei-", and are spelled with the letter "ß" (pronounced "ss").
The plural forms "wir, ihr, Sie, sie" have a short vowel "-i-" (-ih), and are spelled with "-ss-".

Wissen - Present Tense

  • ich weiß - I know
  • du weißt - you know (familiar)
  • er, sie, es weiß - he, she, it knows
  • wir wissen - we know
  • ihr wisst - you know (plural)
  • Sie wissen - you know (formal)
  • sie wissen - they know

Sentences with forms of the verb "wissen"

  • Wissen Sie, wie sie heißt? - Do you know what her name is?
  • Ja, ich weiß es. - Yes, I know (it).
  • Sie wissen nicht, wo sie wohnt? - You don't know where she lives?
  • Doch. - Yes, I do. (contradicting a negative)
  • Doch, ich weiß, wo sie wohnt. - Yes I do, I know where she lives.

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