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German Language Game: Die Bootsfahrt

Quick German Language Game: "die Bootsfahrt" - the boat trip. 
Note: "das Boot" + connecting "s" + "die Fahrt" = "die Bootsfahrt."
In a compound word, the last word (i.e. Fahrt) gives you the gender of the noun: "die Fahrt, die Bootsfahrt".
In German you say "eine Bootsfahrt machen."

You'll practice the present tense forms: "ich mache, du machst, er macht". And, how to make a question by inverting subject and verb: "Machst du ...?" 
You'll never forget the word "Bootsfahrt" - guaranteed!

As you play, say the words, phrases, and sentences OUT LOUD.

  • das Boot - the boat
  • die Fahrt - the trip, tour, ride
  • die Bootsfahrt - the boat trip
  • machen - to make, do
  • ich mache - I make
  • du machst - you make (familiar)
  • er macht - he makes
  • machst du? - are you making? (familiar)
  • eine Fahrt machen - to take a trip (expression)
  • heute - today
  • wann - when
  • wie - how

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Posted 16:28PM on August 18 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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