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German Language Game: "Bitte zahlen"

German Language Game - "Bitte zahlen" (I'd like to pay)

Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 2 1/2 minutes

A fun online interactive Quick German Language Game for paying the check in a café or restaurant.

Learn and practice 16 typical words and phrases as part of a mini-story.

Always say the German OUT LOUD after, or along with the speaker. It's the best way to improve your pronunciation. 

Words in German Mini-Story  

  • bitte - please [also used to get a waiter's attention]
  • ich möchte zahlen - I'd like to pay
  • der Kellner - the waiter
  • er bringt - he brings [bringen]
  • die Rechnung - the check
  • Hier bitte. - Here you are. ["here please"]
  • das macht - that makes, that's
  • einundzwanzig - twenty-one/ 21
  • fünfundvierzig - forty-five/ 45

More Than a German Language Game

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Posted 21:50PM on April 13 2014 by Ulrike Rettig
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