Spanish Language Game: Querer - Present Tense

Spanish Language Game: Querer - Present Tense

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

With this fun interactive Word Shoot language game, you'll learn and practice the present tense of "querer" - to want.

Querer - Present Tense

yo quiero - I want
tú quieres - you want (familiar)
él, ella quiere - he, she wants
Usted quiere - you want (formal)
nosotros/as queremos - we want (m/f)
vosotros/as queréis - you want (pl, m/f) [Spain]
Ustedes quieren - you want (pl) [Latin America]
ellos/as quieren - they want (m/f)

Play the game and pronounce the forms until you know them inside out.
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