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Italian Language Game: Asking for Directions

Quick Italian Language Game: Asking for Directions.
Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 4 minutes

Don't get lost in Italy! Learn to ask for and get some basic Italian directions by playing this fun Memory, Word Shoot, Flash Card game.
Repeat OUT LOUD after the speaker and improve your pronunciation.


  • mi scusi - excuse me! (formal) [scusare]
  • sto cercando - I'm looking for
  • Via Montebello - Montebello Street
  • non è - is not, it's not
  • lontano - far
  • bene - good
  • giri - turn! (formal) [girare]
  • a sinistra - to the left
  • in Via Curtatone -  into Curtatone Street
  • poi sempre dritto - then straight ahead
  • giri a destra - turn to the right!
  • molte grazie - many thanks

Note: The imperative forms, (Imperativo):
- "girare" (to turn): gira! (familiar); giri! (formal)
- "scusare" (to excuse): scusa! (familiar); scusi! (formal)

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More Than an Italian Language Game

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Posted 15:19PM on March 02 2014 by Peter Rettig
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