French Language Game: The City

Quick French 
Language Game:
The City.

Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

Learn and practice 14 city-related words and phrases.
The game will help improve your pronunciation a lot, especially if you repeat the words out loud, and repeat them several times.


la ville - the town, city
la rue - the street
la place - the square
la rivière - the river
le pont - the bridge
le bâtiment - the building
le magasin - the store, shop
le marché - the market

la vieille ville - the old town (historic center of town)
dans la rue - on the street
au marché - at the market
sur le pont d'Avignon - on the bridge of Avignon
un grand magasin - a department store
un bâtiment imposant - an impressive building

Remember: as you play, say the French phrases OUT LOUD!
Going through a game once won't put the words into your long term memory.
It helps to write the words out by hand and to review them a couple of times.

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