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GamesforLanguage on Homeschool's Top 100 list

Homeschool.comWe are excited to be included on's Top 100 Educational Websites of 2016 .

Gamesforlanguage's FREE online, story-based Courses and Quick Games for French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Inglés make learning and practicing fun.

After hearing a dialog of “The Story” at the beginning of each Scene, players then learn the words, phrases, and sentences in easy games.

Players practice their listening skills with the Podcasts before or after they have completed a lesson; they focus on speaking and pronunciation by repeating after the native speakers in the “Say It” and “Record It” segments.

Learners can practice with Quick Games and Podcasts without even registering or logging in.

Weekly Blog posts cover language learning, travel, and cultural topics to keep users engaged and motivated.

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3 Easy Tips for Accelerating Your Language Learning

We recently published this Post on :

3 Easy Tips for Accelerating Your Language Learning


You started learning a foreign language some time ago, maybe in high school or college; or, maybe, you took a course at a language institute.

This was a few years ago and you haven’t really kept up with the language.

But recently, you got interested again.

Maybe a friend suggested an online course and you even subscribed to it for several months; or you signed up for a course at a local community college; or someone gave you a some language CDs; or maybe you even joined a language community on Facebook.

Whatever the tools or methods you’re using to start again, remember these tips:

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You can read more about LingoHut where you’ll find free language lessons, activities and articles on how to make language learning easier, or visit LingoHut’s Facebook page

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GamesforLanguage is Partnering With Other Language Learning Companies

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Updated 3/28/2017

In 2016 is partnering with language learning companies that have a unique method or a game and context approach similar to Gamesforlanguage's.

To date we have established links with the following partners:

  • Fluent in 3 Months” and other products – offer learning methods that will accelerate your learning immensely. Benny Lewis himself is the best proof that his methods work!
  • Lingualia – The gamified lessons for Spanish and Inglés adapt to your skill level and let you connect with a social network for corrections and interaction.
  • Lingohut offers a variety of languages and an extensive vocabulary list to practice with.
  • LanguageZen - offers Spanish for English Speakers with an algorithm that keeps track of what you've learned. Also let's you learn with Spanish songs.
  • Italki - let's you become fluent with 1-on-1 online lessons with native teachers and connect to people around the world.
  • Mosalingua lets you learn languages with your smartphone apps.