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Learning Vocabulary - A Lingohut Post

We recently published this Guest Post on :

Learning vocabulary - Lingohut &

Six Popular Approaches to Foreign Vocabulary Learning

We’re huge fans of using multiple resources for learning a language! We’ve found that different programs and approaches work well together and tend to fill in each others gaps.

From learning individual words and phrases with spaced-repetition, to learning a language in larger contexts, here’s a sampling of programs.

Many online language learning sites (and apps) we’re familiar with, start out with teaching basic vocabulary and/or grammar topics. Others provide a larger context and give you tools to master the details. However, there’s a huge diversity in presentation, which is made possible by the Internet and the various technologies that have become available – audio, text-interactive, visual, etc.

Learning Vocabulary with Spaced-Repetition Flashcard Programs

Memrise is a community-driven site with courses that are based on an elaborate flashcard system. Many of the words have mnemonics (which some find very useful) and there’s spaced repetition... (read on)...


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