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Ten (10) 1-year subscriptions Giveaway is participating in a one-week Giveaway by The Christian Home School Hub.

We are donating ten (10) 1-year subscriptions to one of our four language courses: German 1, French 1, Italian 1, and Spanish 1. The Giveaway ends on Saturday, November 9, 2013 at 7:00 PM EST.

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European Day of Languages Competition Results

Here are the results of our language competition in support of the Council of Europe's European Day of Languages on September 26.

All players who scored more than 500 points by September 30 received a FREE 1-month subscription to 10/31/2013 and the top scorers in each language were:





Perfect Scores





1st Place: All with Perfect scores: FREE 1-year subscription

Arno, Carol, Evangeline, Luz, Serenity

Giovanni, Serenity

Carol, Serenity

Serenity, Sam, Carol

2nd Place: FREE 6-month subscription

Emily 634

Brad 687

Adina 536

David 651

3rd Place: FREE 2-month subscription

Anattolia 619

Vanessa 668

Claude 505

Selin 634

Congratulations to all the winners and runner-ups!

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European Day of Languages Competition

We are supporting the Council of Europe's "European Day of Languages" on September 26, 2013. We are offering a FREE 1-month subscription to anyone registering and scoring more than 500 points when playing the two FREE Scenes of one of our four languages - German, French, Italian, and Spanish. Users have until by September 30, 2013 to improve their scores!

Additionally, each of the 3 top scorers in each language will receive

FREE 1-YEAR, 6-MONTH, or 2-MONTH subscriptions respectively.

(Perfect scores will EACH receive a FREE 1-year subscription!)

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Teachers & parents can now monitor students' progress just added a new feature on request: Letting parents or teachers monitor the progress of their children or students who are learning a foreign language with

The screenshot on the left shows the scores and time a learner spent on each game and scene, information teachers and parents had asked for.

For further information, how parents and teachers can set up multiple accounts and monitor them, contact

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Royal Baloo reviews

Royal Baloo recently reviewed our program. The reviewer commented:

Overall, I think it's a great program. It's fun and inviting, the progress bar makes we want to continue, and I am actually remembering most of what I learned.

Read the full review HERE

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Free 2-week subscription to!

During the month of August, is offering a FREE 2-WEEK SUBSCRIPTION to anyone who scores 500 points by the end of the first 2 FREE Lessons (Scenes) of German, French, Italian, and Spanish. And if you do, you'll also receive the mp3 audio of Level 1 (Scenes 1-6) as well as the vocabulary lists of the six Scenes.

Just by playing one (1) Scene per day (15-20 minutes), you can learn over 250 new words, together with many useful phrases and sentences of our travel story.

And in 2 weeks, you can easily score 5,000 points, and thereby extend your subscription for FREE for an additional month. Read all about our 2013 LEARN & EARN in our FAQs.

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Getting hooked on playing and learning German...

The “It takes a village” blog took a look at our program a few weeks ago and the blogger's 7-year old daughter apparently got “hooked” on learning German. Playing games and learning a foreign language would certainly  have motivated our children as well - if such programs had existed a few years ago...

And yes, raising bilingual children takes a lot of effort - by the children and their parents!

Posted on by Peter Editor reviews Gamesforlanguage, a site of “Discoveries of a Latina Homechooler” recently reviewed our program and, naturally, our Spanish course. The reviewer found that “Gamesforlanguage is a fun way to complement more comprehensive courses and can be used as a weekly reward or incentive.

Read the full review HERE.

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