German Language Game: Kaufen, Zahlen

Quick German Language Game:  kaufen, zahlen (to buy, to pay)
Level: Beginner (A1)
Playing Time: 3 1/2 minutes

Play a quick German language game to learn the verbs "kaufen" and "zahlen" and to combine them with basic vocabulary into short sentences.

In the sentences, note the German word order.  It's a little different from the English.

When you play the game, say the German out loud. It's the best way to improve your pronunciation.


• kaufen - to buy
• zahlen - to pay
• ich möchte - I would like
• ich muss - I have to
• jetzt - now
• später - later
• bald - soon
• etwas - something

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Posted 17:32PM on June 19 2022 by Ulrike Rettig
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