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French Language Game: Passé Composé with Avoir

Quick French Language Game: Passé Composé with "Avoir"
Level: Elementary (A2)
Playing Time: 5 minutes

Learn and practice a few sentences using the Passé Composé tense with the auxiliary, or helping verb, "avoir". You use the French tense called Passé Composé for an action or event that was completed in the past. 

To sharpen your pronunciation, say the French OUT LOUD right after or at the same time as the speaker.
You may want to look at the verb forms and sentences below before you begin.

Our games are a great way to learn or review basic conversational French.

Passé Composé with "avoir"

  • j'ai parlé - I spoke
  • tu as parlé - you spoke (familiar)
  • il/elle a parlé - it/he/she spoke
  • nous avons parlé - we spoke
  • vous avez parlé - you spoke (formal/plural)
  • ils/elles ont parlé - they spoke (m/f)

Sentences using the Helping Verb "avoir"

  • Oui, j'ai parlé avec lui. - Yes, I spoke with him.
  • Tu as lu le journal hier? - Did you(fam.) read the newspaper yesterday? [lire]
  • Oui, il a dit ça. - Yes, he said that. [dire]
  • Nous avons acheté une maison. - We bought a house. [acheter]
  • Où avez-vous appris le français? - Where did you(form.) learn French? [apprendre]
  • Ils ont fait une promenande. - They took a walk. [faire]

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Posted 11:03AM on August 02 2021 by Ulrike Rettig
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