French Language Game: Je te présente...

Quick French language Game: Je te présente Daniel (This is Daniel)
Play this quick online game to learn and practice 16 useful French phrases in the context of a mini-story.
Daniel arrives at his friend Pierre's place in Aix-en-Provence.
Pierre's girlfriend Virginie opens the door and introductions follow.

Say the French OUT LOUD right after the speaker! It'll sharpen your pronunciation!
You may already know most of the words, but saying them as part of a real conversation takes some practice.
Click on the French sentence and imitate the intonation of the speaker.
You can also "shadow" the sounds by saying the sentence along with the speaker.
Our games are for mid-to-high Beginners who want to learn and practice conversational French. 

Phrases in French Language Game

  • Daniel trouve - Daniel finds [trouver]
  • le cinquante-deux rue Mazarine - 52 Mazarine Street [i.e. the number 52]
  • Virginie ouvre la porte. - Virginie opens the door. [ouvrir]
  • Elle l'accueille. - She greets him. [accueillir]
  • Contente de faire ta connaissance. - Pleased(f) to meet you. (fam.)
  • enfin  - at last
  • Moi aussi. - Me too.
  • Il entre dans l'appartement. - He comes into the apartment.
  • il voit - he sees [voir]
  • une autre jeune femme - another young woman
  • ma soeur Mathilde - my sister Mathilde
  • rendre visite - to visit (a person)
  • elle me rend visite - she's visiting me
  • Mathilde, je te présente Daniel. - Mathilde, this is Daniel. ('I introduce to you')
  • un ami de Pierre - a friend of Pierre's
  • de Boston - from Boston

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More Than a French Language Game

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