Spanish Language Game: ¿Todavía libre?

Spanish Language Game: "¿Está este asiento todavía libre?" (Is this seat still free?) 
In this quick online game, try out and practice 17 Spanish words and phrases, as part of a mini-story.
On the train David finds a seat at the window. And as he settles in to read his travel guide, he hears someone ask: "Is this seat still free?"
This is a useful phrase to ask and understand while traveling in Spain, as trains, cafés and restaurants are often crowded.
And who knows. The person sitting or sitting down beside you may very well give you the chance to practice your Spanish!

This short episode also comes up in our Spanish 1 course, which is a series of brief stories (which we call scenes). 
In the 36 scenes of the course you learn and practice 750 useful words. 
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Mini-stories are a great way to get more familiar with Spanish vocabulary and Spanish pronunciation.
Always say the Spanish OUT LOUD. Click on the sentences to hear them again. 

Words in Spanish Mini-Story Language Game

  • David va - David goes [ir]
  • a la vía doce - to track 12
  • no tiene que - he doesn't have to [tener que]
  • esperar - to wait
  • demasiado - too much
  • hasta que el tren llegue - until the train arrives
  • en el tren - in the train
  • se encuentra - he finds (himself) [encontrarse]
  • enseguida - right away
  • con un asiento - with a seat
  • en la ventana - at the window
  • en cuanto - as soon as
  • comienza a leer - he begins to read
  • su guía de viajes - his travel guide
  • él oye - he hears
  • ¿Está este asiento todavía libre? - Is this seat still free?
  • Sí, claro. - Yes, of course.

At the end of the game, you'll hear the story again. Listen to it without translating.
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More than a Spanish Language Game

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