German Language Game: Ich freue mich

Quick German Language Game: "Ich freue mich..." - (I'm pleased...)
A quick online German game to try out and practice 15 words and phrases as part of a mini-story.
Michael is in Heidelberg to visit his friend Karl. 
Karl's girlfriend Renate opens the door, and as it's the first time they meet introductions are in order.
Introducing yourself to someone in German is not a big deal, but you need to known how.
Here's your chance to practice it.

Say the words and phrases OUT LOUD, right after or together with the speaker.
That's a really good way to sharpen your pronunciation and absorb grammatical structures without thinking about them.
For example:
- ich freue mich (I'm pleased) is reflexive in German. Don't analyze, just learn the phrase.
- Komm herein. (Come in.) "Komm!" is "Come!" (fam.) "Herein" means "in" - to where the speaker is. ["Hinein" would mean away from the speaker.]
- ein Freund Karls (a friend of Karl's). Note: the German possessive "Karls" (of Karl's) does not have an apostrophe.
- aus Boston - means "originally from Boston". (That's where they met.)

Words in German Language Game

  • er findet - he finds [finden]
  • die Straße - the street
  • sie öffnet - she opens [öffnen]
  • die Tür - the door
  • endlich - finally
  • Schön dich kennenzulernen - Nice to meet you (fam.)
  • auch - also
  • ich freue mich - I'm pleased [sich freuen]
  • Komm herein! - Come in! (fam.)
  • meine Schwester - my sister
  • sie besucht mich - she's visiting me
  • gerade - just (now)
  • Dies ist Michael - This is Michael
  • ein Freund Karls - a friend of Karl's
  • aus Boston - from Boston

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